I’m a serial online entrepreneur, personal development fanatic, father, father, tanguero, ultra-marathoner, dreamer, risk taker.

I also think happiness is a process, not a goal.

Just a few bits and pieces that you didn’t know yet by watching the video:

  • Self-published author, with 9 titles on Amazon, Kindle and iBookStore.
  • Honored (and pretty pumped up, to be honest) to be a translated author in Korean. 100 Ways To Live A Better Life (and its counterpart, 100 Ways To Screw Up Your Life) are now available in Korean.
  • Made it 3 years in a row, since 2014, on the top 100 Personal Development Blogs at Start Of Happiness.
  • Sometimes I’m a regular contributor to Lifehack.org, check out my articles there.
  • Some other times I also write on Medium, find me here.
  • And some other times I get interviews or other people write about me elsewhere.

About this blog

I started this blog back in 2008 as a chronicle to my personal development experiments. In time, it evolved into a more complex platform in which I connect, share and engage with tens of thousands of people every month. If you have anything to say to me, us the contact page.

And remember, we can never fail. We just learn.

You can also find me on TwitterFacebook, YouTube,  LinkedIn and Google+ if you want to connect.

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